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Reusalble Diathermy Products

Reusable Diathermy Forceps Bipolar & Monopolar in many sizes
180mm Reusable Bayonet Forceps
Reusable 180mm metal bipolar bayonet forceps with 0.5mm tips. 

Key Features:
- 180mm metal bayonet forceps
- 0.5mm tips
- Nylon coated finish
- Reusable with 50 sterilised washes
- Free UK mainland delivery
- Solid Stainless tips
£ 70.80
Reusable Bipolar Forceps with 1mm tip
Reusable 180mm forceps with 1mm stainless polished tips.

Key Features:
- 200mm metal bayonet forceps
- 1mm stainless polished tips
- Tough nylon coating
- Reusable with up to 50 sanitised cleans
- Free UK mainland delivery
£ 70.80
Reusable Bayonet Forceps with 2mm tips
200mm bipolar bayonet forceps with a 2mm stainless polished tip. 

Key Features:
- 200mm bipolar bayonet forceps
- 2mm stainless polished tips
- Tough nylon finishing
- Reusable for 50 times
- Free UK mainland delivery
£ 70.80