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Footwear Range

Footwear RangeJ & M Medical is a specialist supplier of high quality, affordable footwear to the NHS, health workers, and the general public. Boasting the largest range of clogs, Crocs and hospital footwear in the United Kingdom, we're committed to providing hard-wearing, non-slip footwear at affordable prices.

This unbeatable quality, combined with our unbeatable prices, has made us one of the country's most popular providers of hospital and work footwear, safety shoes and boots.

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Medical Products

Medical ProductsRange of Single use diathermy forceps in many different sizes pack in boxes of 25, Single use electrodes for use with diathermy pencils boxed in 50s, Reusable diathermy forceps in different sizes and a full range of face protection items.

New Models

New ModelsNew models available ESD shoes, washable clogs, autoclavable clogs and all at good prices

PPE Protection

PPE Protection

Face protection items to include:

Face Macks with Visor
Safety Glasses
Single use face visors
Reusable face visors