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Electrodes Single Use

Electrodes Single UseColposcopy electrodes for single use procedures. 

Footwear Range

Footwear RangeJ & M Medical is a specialist supplier of high quality, affordable footwear to the NHS, health workers, and the general public. Boasting the largest range of clogs, Crocs and hospital footwear in the United Kingdom, we're committed to providing hard-wearing, non-slip footwear at affordable prices.

This unbeatable quality, combined with our unbeatable prices, has made us one of the country's most popular providers of hospital and work footwear, safety shoes and boots.

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History of clogs

History of clogs
You won’t see many people wearing clogs in Amsterdam, but they are still an important part of Dutch culture.

Whatever you may think of them, traditional Dutch wooden shoes or clogs (klompen), are an important part of Dutch heritage and are still worn in rural parts of the country today. Dutch language has many idiomatic expressions associated with wooden shoes. Clogs are still popular with people working in agriculture as they’re great for walking on muddy ground and can easily be removed. Dutch clogs are made from different types of wood – poplar and willow being favourites – and are often painted.

Traditional hand-crafted wooden shoes

Clogs have long been worn by workers as protective clothing. In fact, clogs have even been certified by the European Union as safety shoes as they can withstand sharp and heavy objects and concentrated acids. Traditionally, skilled artisans made them by hand. As you can imagine, it’s quite a job to hand-carve an identical pair of wooden shoes, but professionals could produce up to seven pairs a day! These days clogs are machine-made just a short trip outside Amsterdam, you can still see wooden shoes being crafted by hand.

History of clogs

As wooden shoes were used to fuel the fireplace once they were worn-out, it proved difficult fot historians to precisely date the origins of clogs. Nevertheless, they estimate that the first clogs appeared at least 850 years ago and the oldest wooden shoe known was found in the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. This clog dates from around the year 1230 and is made of alder wood. The shoes  were made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on who would wear them. Some had rounded edges while others had pointed toes to help fishermen pull their nets in.

About six million souvenir clogs are produced in the Netherlands each year, so you're sure to find just the right pair to take home!


Insoles Selection of different Insoles for use with Clogs, Shoes and washable clogs

Medical Products

Medical ProductsOur extensive range of electro surgical accessories include: mono and bipolar instruments, gynaecological and surgical instruments for use within electro surgery and a full range of colposcopy, arthroscope and laparoscopy electrodes used for cauterize.

PPE Protection

PPE Protection

Face protection items to include:

Face Macks with Visor
Safety Glasses
Single use face visors
Reusable face visors