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Dynamic the ultralight shoe, in EVA are an excellent choice for the operating room or the lab, but they are also used in many other professions. DYNAMIC has a non-slip outsole and an antistatic plug. The gel insert in the heel guarantees excellent shock absorption. Thanks to the closed design, your entire foot is protected. Machine washable to 50c
•Slip resistant: SRC (SRA + SRB) standard
•CE-standard: EN ISO 20347: breathable, quality lining, free of toxic substances
•Antistatic: ESD standard

•Antistatic plug
•We advise to wear socks in these shoes.
•Non-marking outsole
•Shock absorbing: gel insert in heel
•Anti slip outsole in EVA for less weight
•Encloses the entire foot for maximum protection
•Lightweight: ca. 220 gr per shoe (depending on the shoe size)
•Airy: perforations on the side
•Lightweight clog in EVA (expanded rubber)
•No deformation after use

•Machine washable at 50° C
•UV sterilisable
•Chemically sterilisable
•Not autoclavable

Recommended for
•Healthcare professionals
•Nurses and caregivers
•Wellness and beauty center professionals
•Cleaning personnel
•Professionals who help and assist patients in the shower
•Laundry personnel
•Operating room personnel
Nursing Clogs, Eye Safety and Electrosurgical Diathermy Forceps are J & M Medicals Specialist areas.

Specialist Suppliers of Hospital Footwear to the NHS, Health Workers and the Public

J & M Medical is a specialist supplier of high quality, affordable footwear to the NHS, health workers, and the general public. Boasting the largest range of nursing clogs, nursing shoes, Crocs many other types of hospital footwear in the United Kingdom, we're committed to providing hard-wearing, non-slip footwear at affordable prices.

This unbeatable quality, combined with our unbeatable prices, has made us one of the country's most popular providers of hospital and work footwear, safety shoes and boots.

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Our Nursing clogs make a great addition to the Uniform or scrubs worn by Theatre staff everyday, Operating Theatre shoes are specialist footwear designed for the job, Sanita style clogs with higher heels are available in our hospital clogs uk range. White nursing shoes along with many other types can be ordered from our website.

Also you can find Surgical Diathermy forceps, Bipolar forceps and electrosurgical ESU Pencils, our electrosurgical instruments are manufactured to the highest standard at all times.

Face Shields along with face masks are another area we cover. Eye protection is a very important part of operating theatre practices, our face shield can also be used for Dental Face Shields, eye safety is very important our range of visors, glasses and face masks are of high quality.

We put you at the heart of what we do, offering understanding and expertise, together with the best choice and value.
When it comes to quality and innovation, our teams are always looking for the next big thing to make your work life easier and more comfortable. Our priority is to provide you with modern, well designed, fit-for-purpose and easy-to-care for theatre clogs that you and your team will take pride in. All of our footwear is subjected to rigorous independent testing to ensure our high standards are maintained and that you get the best quality, hard-wearing clogs available on the market.
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You won’t see many people wearing clogs in Amsterdam, but they are still an important part of Dutch culture.
Whatever you may think of them, traditional Dutch wooden shoes or clogs (klompen), are an important part of Dutch heritage and are still worn in rural parts of the country today. Dutch language has many idiomatic expressions associated with wooden shoes. Clogs are still popular with people working in agriculture as they’re great for walking on muddy ground and can easily be removed. Dutch clogs are made from different types of wood – poplar and willow being favourites – and are often painted.
Traditional hand-crafted wooden shoes
Clogs have long been worn by workers as protective clothing. In fact, clogs have even been certified by the European Union as safety shoes as they can withstand sharp and heavy objects and concentrated acids. Traditionally, skilled artisans made them by hand. As you can imagine, it’s quite a job to hand-carve an identical pair of wooden shoes, but professionals could produce up to seven pairs a day! These days clogs are machine-made but at the Zaanse Schans, just a short trip outside Amsterdam, you can still see wooden shoes being crafted by hand.
History of clogs
As wooden shoes were used to fuel the fireplace once they were worn-out, it proved difficult fot historians to precisely date the origins of clogs. Nevertheless, they estimate that the first clogs appeared at least 850 years ago and the oldest wooden shoe known was found in the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. This clog dates from around the year 1230 and is made of alder wood. The shoes were made in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on who would wear them. Some had rounded edges while others had pointed toes to help fishermen pull their nets in.
About six million souvenir clogs are produced in the Netherlands each year, so you're sure to find just the right pair to take home!

A Brief History
Ever since man came down from the trees, and stood on a thorn, he has tried to protect his feet from the wear and tear of everyday life. He would have used materials that were to hand. Skins and bark would have been the logical first choice, but you can bet that slats of wood held in place by thonging or something similar won't have been far behind. Wood has real advantages, it lasts a long time, keeps the feet dry as it doesn't hold moisture, wood insulates the foot from the cold ground. In England for at least the past eight hundred years this type of footwear was known as "Pattens" they were usually worn over leather or fabric shoes to raise the wearer's foot above the mud of the unmade road. Poorer people who couldn't afford shoes wore wood directly against the skin, and so developed the clog, for several hundred years the words were interchangeable. In different parts of Europe people came up with similar solutions for similar problems hence the Choppino in Italy the Sabot in France and Belgium, the Klomp and Galoche there are dozens of variations.
The wearing of clogs in Britain really took off with the Industrial Revolution, workers in the mills, mines, iron, steel, and chemical works, workshops and factories needed strong cheap footwear. The heyday of the clog in Britain was between the 1840's and 1920's, they were worn all over the country, not just in the industrial north of England. The decline set in during the depression of the 1930's and apart from a brief revival during the second world war when leather was in short supply, it has been downhill ever since. Working class people associated wearing clogs with poverty, and as mass produced boots and shoes became more affordable the clog rapidly disappeared, people wanted better! Two generations later the stigma has disappeared, and people who once looked down on clog wearers as uncouth now look back with fondness to a "simpler" time.

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