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White Washable Dynamic Nursing Clogs

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Dynamic sizes :
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White Washable Dynamic Nursing Clogs

Dynamic Clogs provide best possible postural support, shock absorption pad to the heel and excellent cushioning right across the shoe. The foot bed stimulates circulation. Dynamic has Electro Static Dissipation System (ESD).

Dynamic can help people with 'Plantar Fasciitis. Our Dynamic comes in single sizes giving you the fit you need to support your feet throughout the working day.

  • Patented heel insert
  • Critical posture support
  • Excellent energy absorption at the heel
  • Footbed textured with nodules to stimulate circulation.
  • Both waterproof and washable to 50°C/122°F
  • Slip resistance certified ISO 20345-46-47
  • Antistatic, with an Electro Static Dissipation System (ESD)
  • Made from lightweight EVA - Non-Toxic - Latex Free
  • Anti-bacterial - Anti-fungus - Anti-mould

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Dynamic sizes : 37/4
Really pleased with this product good quality and very comfortable.
Lisa M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Dynamic sizes : 44/10
Excellent shipping time, great service and shoes are excellent. Will use again.
Simon R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Dynamic sizes : 38/5
Nice and lightweight, but runs small. The shoe is smaller than other size 5/38 shoes that I have got from other brands. oo bad because at the same time I have problems with my ankle slipping out of the shoe which means that a bigger size would not solve the problem and I think it would be way too big.
Krista P.