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Special Slip Resistant Occupational Footwear

Black & White SRC Slip Resistant Work Shoes in Lace up or Slip on Versions.
£ 38.40
Black Microfibre uppers lace up shoes anti slip base (GOLF)
A  light,  flexible,  washable  and  resistant  shoe,  manufactured  in  one  piece  thought  
direct  injection  making process, originating a highly differentiated quality rest  and ergonomic 
design of  products, resisting longer, and showing superior lightness and flexibility. There is no 
stitching or gluing between the upper and the sole. With a non-slip sole and a wide unisex form, it 
provides support for the foot without compression. The last- waist allows for a balanced 
distribution of body weight.

£ 39.60
Black slip on nursing shoes texfibre uppers slip resistant P303P303 01 FO SRC

Upper: Texfiber
Lining: antibacterial fabric
Sole: monodensity PU
Size: 2 - 12

£ 24.00
Black Texfibre lace up nursing shoe light weight comfort D203D203 01 FO SRC

Upper: Texfiber
Lining: antibacterial fabric
Sole: mono density PU
Size: 2 - 12

£ 39.60
Black Washable Nursing Occupational Shoes Anti Slip Sole (MYN)

Super Soft Washable microfibre black slip on shoe
Washable to 40 degrees Celsius 
Replaceable insole 
Slip resistant sole 
Size 3 to 13

Certified according to:
EN ISO 20347 standard.