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New washable lace up shoes

New washable lace up shoes
This shoe is amazing just look at all the Characteristics and Benefits
• Soft, light and easy to clean.
• Highly breathable and absorbent, keeping dry and
ventilated feet.
• Water resistant.
• Antibacterial Treatment.
• Washable, allows washing machine cycle up to 40º C.
• Does not age or split.
• Very resistant to wear and tear, and also chemical agents.
• Eco-friendly; Material with no chrome, (Oëko-Tex®
standard 100).
• Highly resistant fabric that speeds up the process of moisture absorption, ensuring skin is always dry; Moisture is continually drawn to the exterior and never returns to the skin, creating a pleasant and comfortable sensation.
• Highly perspiring, hydrophilic, breathable, and dry power.
• Thermal comfort: takes 90% of the generated heat away.
• Antibacterial protection.
• Material with no chrome, (Oëko-Tex® standard 100).
• Thermy-Tex antibacterial treatment.
• Highly hydrophilic, total moisture absorption.
• Comfort amplified.
• Non skid.
• Impact absorption, cushioning support.
• Extremely light and flexible.
• Insulates from excessive heat or cold temperatures.
• Hydrocarbons resistance.
• Wide feet contour.
• Ensures a well balanced arch support.
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