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5 - R40 Washable Face Masks

(Code: R40 R40)
Pack of 5 :
£ 72.00
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5 - R40 Washable Face Masks
Protective hygienic mask reusable up to 40 times.
With reactivation of the antibacterial effect after
washing and drying and an additional 10-15 seconds of ironing.
Effective against bacteria, viruses and other air
pollutants thanks to its PRO Sanity Mask Evolution technology.
The masks are designed and manufactured in Spain.
Protects and prevents the spread of infectious
organisms between the wearer and other people. Fit
Good support for any type of person and face, it is
manufactured in one size. Easy breathing and grip
with rubber, ensuring comfort during long periods of use.
A certified product that meets all the technical
requirements and standards according to the
Spanish Association for Standardization UNE.
Aitex certificate number: 2020TM0416.

UNE 0065:2020