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2 Feb 2017
Dynamic Black Washable Clogs Great News Dynamic Clogs in Black are now in stock for the many customers who asked us to add Black to our range of washable clogs.

Enjoy your new choice of five colours in Dynamic washable clogs.

Dynamic clogs for super comfort

21 Apr 2016
Dynamic clogs for super comfort The Dynamic clogs we sell are the original Dynamic from Italy, which come in single sizes, there is a copy of this product being sold on the market,

How to spot a copy

Dual Sizing
Five holes along the side

Dynamic clogs from J & M Medical the one and only original Italian made washable clog in single sizes. 

Nube super soft light and comfortable

25 Nov 2015
Nube super soft light and comfortable


Shoe safety at work is essential to avoid unforeseen accidents. For this reason Nube is designed to ensure an excellent non-slip performance due to evergrip TM
making it possible for use in various types of flooring. The innovative radio closing vents, it still gives extra security against leakage of liquids. Nube, everything you need to for a comfortable and safer day at work.

  • Hospitals and other health institutions
  • Institutes of Beauty / Cosmetics.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cleaning companies.
  • Food industry.
  • Catering industry.
  • Sizes 

          35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46

New 2015 Theatre Product Catalogue

29 Apr 2015
Our new NHS product catalogue 14 is now out, showing a smaller selected range just for theatre use.
You can download it from this site.

Theatre clog that meets the standard

18 Feb 2015
Theatre clog that meets the standard Nothing near this clog on the market, a theatre clog should always have the following features if it dons't is not a theatre clog that meets EU standards.

Clogs Should be:

Anti Static
Slip Resistant to SRC level
Fitted with a heel strap

This clog meets all EU standards as well as being leather, great value for money.

Most cheap clogs on ebay 9.99 are not theatre clogs, they are holiday clogs don't be fooled in to wearing substandard clogs giving you no protection.



6 Feb 2015

No more anti static plugs sticking in or heel

No more damage to toes from falling objects

No more slipping over

Yes Thor is tougher than any other washable clog, the prime thought behind Thor was health & safety the user must be protected properly, Thor gives the protection you need in today's modern hospitals.